Stuff I'm Really Into Right Now

  1. Ed & Lorraine Warren
    I just finished reading Gerald Brittle's 1980 book about their work, The Demonologist, and my brother and I went to see The Conjuring 2 this weekend.
  2. Embroidery
    Finishing up some gifts
  3. Organization
    My third bedroom is finally coming together
  4. Skin care
    It's time
  5. Tom Hiddelston
    I mean...I was there before Taylor. Ugh.
  6. Bathtubs
    I'm getting a new one and I cannot wait
  7. Tess Holliday
    So fab
  8. The beach
  9. Athleisure
    It's what I'm wearing every day now that school is out. #suckit
  10. Dirty Dancing
    My friend and I are off to the hotel where they filmed some of it this weekend!!