🌟I started this list a few days ago while feeding our new baby at 3 a.m. I honestly had no idea how long it would get.🌙 We're Canadians who moved to Cologne, Germany for some adventure in 2010. One of our goals was to travel while living here. Five and a half years later, we've done well with that goal. Here's a list, in order, of our travels...
  1. Reykjavik
    Technically before we moved to Europe; more like "as" we moved to Europe. Stopped for two days en route to Deutschland. Like being on the moon, literally. Want to go back and drive around for a couple weeks with the kids one day.
  2. Würzburg
    A stop for the night while driving across Germany to Cologne. A lovely German town with a big outdoor foosball table.
  3. Budapest
    Flew for 80€ return, total, for two of us, back when Germanwings really had discount fares. Wine tastings and wandering on foot. Beautiful.
  4. Bonn
    One of many visits to this pretty former capital. Saw a store mannequin whose pants had fallen down and ate ice cream arranged to look like steak and eggs...
  5. Aachen
    Right near the border with the Netherlands and Belgium. The cathedral has Charlemagne's literal throne in it! Except he never sat on it.
  6. Dresden ((ne of 11 visits in 5 years; I won't include them all in this list)
    To my sister-in-law's for Christmas. During the Great Snowy European Winter of 2010-11, when we Canadians didn't get what the big deal was. Flight back to Cologne was cancelled and we took a train across the country instead.
  7. London
    To visit a friend. Camden Market is amazing. I can't sing Beyoncé while blowing flavored tobacco rings, though I confirmed that I can do each of those separately with no problem.
  8. Paris
    First time in Paris together. Fell in love with Montmartre and got thoroughly, delightfully lost a few times.
  9. Dublin
    To visit friends. I celebrated my 27th birthday. Learned that Dublin has palm trees and that I really don't care for Guinness.
  10. Eerberk, Netherlands
    Rented a cottage with my parents. Spent a week cycling and exploring the countryside and nearby city of Arnhem, where Canadians are beloved.
  11. Amsterdam
    A day trip during our Eetbeek holiday. Still the only time I've been there, and I've wanted to go back so much since. A beautiful, vibrant city!
  12. Grundlsee, Austria
    Spent a week in the center of Austria, hiking in the hills and being repeatedly stunned by the beauty.
  13. Salzburg
    Drank my first 1L portion of beer in the Biergarten of a former monastery, then visited a cemetery that looked like it belonged in New Orleans, not Salzburg.
  14. This brings us the the one-year mark. We're now in summer 2011.
  15. Naples
    24 hours in this dirty, fascinating, formerly/potentially-beautiful city. An overwhelming introduction to Italy!
  16. Amalfi Coast
    A week in Praiano in a rented villa with a stunning view with two good friends. Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, Capri. What a stunningly beautiful part of the world. Love affair with Italy began.
  17. Brussels and Bruges (me)
    Spent three days drinking amazing beer and eating amazing waffles with a visiting friend. The beer in Belgium is ridiculously good.
  18. Trier, Germany and Luxembourg City (him)
    He spent three days drinking glorious German wine with s couple of friends while I was in Brussels.
  19. Maastricht
    Sunday shopping?! Pretty Dutch town? Stores that sell vitamins? Yessss.
  20. Costa del Sol, Spain
    My parents and siblings joined us for a week south of Màlaga. Shout out to my sister who flew from Vancouver. Visited Ronda, a beautiful mountain town in the Sierra Nevada. Learned that southern Spain is mountainous...
  21. Tangier, Morocco
    Day trip from Spain. A fascinating, chaotic place we were glad to see and glad to leave.
  22. London again (one of three trips for him)
    To visit friends.
  23. Dublin (me)
    Visiting my friends again for a girls' weekend. Visited the market at the mouth of the Leffy and saw the Irish Sea.
  24. Edinburgh
    Hadn't been here since I was 10, and yet I recognized a fair amount. A gorgeous city with a confusing tangle of train tracks running through what looks like should be a riverbed.
  25. New Lanark, Scotland
    Perfect spot for a wedding. Turns out I have ancestors from Lanark, down the road.
  26. Glasgow
    Celebrated my 28th birthday with an impromptu concert by Canuck band Hey Rosetta! Learned that in spread-out cities and when you're tired, a hop on-hop off your is just the ticket. What a cool city.
  27. Hamburg
    A two-night stop on our drive home from visiting family in Dresden. Learned that the downtowns dead at night, the Sternschanze district is totally where it's at, and the Reeperbahn is overrated, rather icky and very commercial.
  28. This is the two-year mark. We're now in Summer 2012.
  29. Münster
    Beautiful city in north North Rhine-Westphalia. A day trip for our wedding anniversary.
  30. Düsseldorf
    To apply for our baby's Canadian passport. Discovered that the city has a very charming Old Town. As residents of Cologne, we're supposed to hate all things Düsseldorf, so this is a secret I hold close to my chest.
  31. Toronto/Cottage country
    For Christmas 2012. After 2.5 years away, we finally made it back for a visit, baby in tow!
  32. Weimar
    The former capital of Germany between the world wars -- hence "Weimar Germany" pretty town with nice enough police officers. We know because I had to sit in the back of a police van and give a statement after a car hit our rental car.
  33. Near Philippeville, Belgium
    Did another cottage rental holiday with my parents. Day trips included Charleroi (gritty), Durbuy (stunning) and Dinant (lovely).
  34. Vimy, France
    A very significant Canadian battle site from the First World War.
  35. Olivia, Spain
    A holiday in the sun with our good friends and our 8-month-old babies. This was our second double-date holiday together, and was seriously awesome. Swimming pool on our own private rooftop terrace? Sì, por favor.
  36. This is the three-year mark. Summer 2013...☀️
  37. Toronto/Cottage country
    Back for a month in the summer!
  38. Brač island, Croatia
    Stunning, stunning, stunning. Spent a week on this island across from Split. Stayed in Supetar, and visited Split and Bol. Off-season, quiet family holiday magic, with a hells of a lot of local wine, lemons, olive oil and lavender.
  39. Québec City
    We used to work summers in QC and still have good friends living there. So we did a mini-holiday during our Canadian summer.
  40. Frankfurt (him)
    A bunch of guy friends travelled to watch a football (soccer) match and drink s bit of beer.
  41. Albufeira, Portugal
    A holiday with my parents on the Portuguese coast. Another mountainous place with delicious wine and olive oil. I discovered vinho verde...yum.
  42. Washington, DC (me)
    I travelled here for a very good friend's three-day-long Indian wedding. Amazing experience, though weird to be away from husband and daughter, and to be travelling to North America but not going home.
  43. Rome
    Oh my lord. Enough cannot be said about how much we loved Rome. So much it hurts...Trastevere in particular. Ugh, my heart.
  44. This brings us to Summer 2014. Four years in Germany...
  45. Lisbon
    An overnight trip just for us! Decided the Bairro Alto area is cooler than we ever have a hope of being.
  46. Canada again
    For another summer by the lake.
  47. Boppard, Rhine Valley region
    We finally journeyed 90 minutes south of Cologne along the Rhine and spent a weekend drinking Riesling and enjoying the beauty of the river valley. Amazing.
  48. Menorca
    Mallorca's beautiful little brother island. An all-inclusive holiday with our friends and our two-year-olds.
  49. Heidelberg (him)
    Football trip with the guys.
  50. Rome again
    Because RyanAir started flying direct from Cologne for crazy cheap. No tourist stuff this time, just existing in incredible Rome for four days. Sigh.
  51. Canada again (me and babe)
    My grandpa passed away and my daughter and I flew back for his funeral. A whirlwind, but worth it!
  52. Costa del Sol again
    With my in-laws. Fabulous getaway. Estepona is so pretty and charming.
  53. Màlaga
    What a cool city! Must go back for longer than a day.
  54. Paris again (me)
    School trip, what what. Perk of being a French teacher.
  55. Cochem, Germany
    Having loved the Rhine Valley wine region, we wanted to visit the Moselle wine region. This time, we took my parents along. More Riesling (though only tiny sips for pregnant me 😭)!
  56. Antibes, France
    Amazing, gorgeous. What else would the French Riviera be? Expensive, yes, but not if you make the effort to go off the beaten path a bit. I turned 31 in Antibes. Day trip to Nice was great.
  57. Monaco
    Twice during our trip in the south of France: first just to explore/visit/feel judged by the doormen at he Monte Carlo casino, and a second time to attend the tennis masters tournament. That will definitely be on my list of cool life experiences when I'm old.
  58. Valencia (me)
    With my girlfriends to visit another friend who moved there last year. Fun, sun and an appreciation for Spain that just keeps on growing!
  59. Wiesbaden and Mainz
    A long weekend called for a mini-trip down the Rhine to grand old Wiesbaden and hip Mainz. Row boating on a picturesque pond on a gorgeous day with my little family = a bit of heaven.
  60. Breslau (Wrocław), Poland
    What a beautiful little city! A huge, very pretty town market square, delicious perogies and beer, and beautiful pottery and amber. We also explored a couple of villages an hour north of the city, in search of my husband's ancestry.
  61. Amsterdam again (him)
    Bachelor party. I'm sure they were all gentlemen.
  62. Zeeland, Netherlands
    A week by the sea with our friends and our almost-three-year-olds. Explored nearby towns of Domburg, Middelburg and Zouteland. Couldn't decide which was more impressive -- the massive beach or huge, tall dunes we had to climb over and down again to reach the beach.
  63. Five-year mark: Summer 2015.
  64. That brings us to the present day!
    We couldn't travel in October as Baby #2 was due any day.
  65. Before you assume we're either rich or riddled with debt...
    Please trust that we work very hard to save money for travel and have always paid up front for our trips. And that we're lucky and have a couple of family timeshares we've gotten to use a few times for cheap! It's all about finding deals and spending money you have wisely. 🤑
  66. One day, we'll be living back in southern Ontario, where you can't fly return to Rome for 50€.
    So we're happy to keep doing it up til then! ✈️ 🎈