Please don't try to interact with me when one of these circumstances arises. I will not be a pleasant person (sorry). (Surprisingly, I don't get hangry. Hunger is something my nerves can bear...)
  1. Smudges on my glasses lenses
    If you don't wear glasses, you cannot imagine how annoying it is to see the world through dirty glass. Every light has a halo and it is MADDENING. Solution: clean lenses with tepid water and dish or hand soap and dry with a shammy. Then return to regular life a happy person.
  2. Having to pee
    I can manage to achieve something while having to pee, but if anything goes wrong I will have NO patience for it. Solution: acknowledge the problem and pause activities to find a bathroom. Return to life a comfortable, agreeable person.
  3. A cluttered worktop
    Who can focus with junk covering their work surface? Solution: organize stuff into piles or better yet, get it off the table/counter completely. Return to life a productive, calm person.
  4. Beats-heavy music in the background while trying to talk to someone
    Exception: on a night out, when that's supposed to happen. But at home or in the car? Music OFF, conversation on.