Inspired by @tyleremorse This is so hard to limit to 25!
  1. 25. Excitebike NES - classic, plus the ability to create your own track was cool.
  2. 24. Symphony Filter PlayStation - Not a huge fan of this style game but it was special.
  3. 23. California Games NES - skating, surfing, hackie sac, yep.
  4. 22. Cobra Triangle NES - stupid whirlpools.
  5. 21. Microsoft Rally Sport Challenge XBOX - I always like racing on the ice the best.
  6. 20. Bill Elliot NASCAR NES - first racing game I can remember putting you behind the wheel, plus you had to pit.
  7. 19. FIFA 2002 PS2 - I can't watch soccer but boy is playing FIFA fantastic.
  8. 18. Wave Race 64 N64 - my brothers and I knew we were getting it for Christmas so we convinced our parents into having it early.
  9. 17. Destruction Derby PlayStation - we used to rent a PlayStation from Blockbuster just to play this game.
  10. 16. NBA Live 95 SNES - free agents, trades, fast gameplay, this game was killer.
  11. 15. Sonic The Hedgehog Sega - 2 and Pinball were awesome but something special about the original.
  12. 14. NHL '94 Sega - ask anyone that's 30-40 years old and they all agree, best Hockey game ever. Shout out to Gretzky Hockey 64 though, awesome time with my brothers.
  13. 13. Joe Montana Football '95 Sega - first football game with franchise mode.
  14. 12. MVP NCAA Baseball '06 PS2 - for years all I asked for was a College Baseball Game, and boom. "ping"
  15. 11. Toejam and Earl Sega - so much fun discovering new squares, sequel was awful.
  16. 10. Micro Machines Sega- hard not to put higher on the list, so fun.
  17. 9. Mario 64 N64 - hard to say ur was better than original or Super Mario but this was a game changer.
  18. 8. MLB '06 The Show PS2- the 2005 gameplay was better but introduction of "the show" mode makes this the best.
  19. 7. Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 - this is the Nirvana of video games.
  20. 6. Tiger Woods '12 The Masters PS3 - TW golf was always good but adding Augusta National was the pinnacle.
  21. 5. NCAA Football '06 PS2 - Madden had some great years but this was EA's best football title ever.
  22. 4. Mario Kart 64 N64 - what can I say, will be playable for eternity.
  23. 3. Ken Griffey Baseball SNES - I spent countless hours changing fake player names to their MLB namesake. This game is a franchise mode away from being #1.
  24. 2. Hot Shots Golf 3 PS2 - I still play this game. Great memories playing this with my brothers. Still have my only hole in one on tape.
  25. 1. Super Tecmo Bowl NES - G.O.A.T.!!!!!!