Sometimes gross or disappointing - occasionally awesome.
  1. Yogurt flavored Lays
    Vile. Tastes just like yogurt but is somehow distinctly a chip. Ate the whole bag.
  2. Cumin lamb Lays
    A+ would eat again. Well spiced but not spicy. The lamb flavor is not as gamey as the real deal but still reminiscent of it. Good roasted meat flavor.
  3. "Finger Licking Braised Pork Flavor" Lays
    The Lays answer to Pringles. Crispier than Pringles and conveniently they've got this plastic trough in the tube that you can pull out so you're not getting your hand stuck in the tube. They're slightly sweet (in a pleasant way) but you can still get that robust "meat" flavor. A more savory chip, less salty than other options. I wanted to like this more.
  4. Grape and peach flavored Oreos
    Smells promising. The first bite is okay. The aftertaste is some sort of perfumed hellhole in my mouth. It lingers on the palate in a very unpleasant way.
  5. Veal flavored Lays
    Like a less spicy version of the cumin lamb lays. Very similar in not unpleasant meaty flavor from the braised pork Lays.