New Delhi - Dubai - DC
  1. I'm already sweaty
    It's so hot. The shower I took an hour ago to be fresh for this 20+ hours of traveling is already a distant memory. All I've done is walk to the car.
  2. Why traffic, why?
  3. Airport security maintains the same amount of hassle worldwide apparently
  4. Last meal in India, McSpicy Paneer
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    Actually spicy. Would order again.
  5. Best bathroom welcome of recent memory
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  6. Would anyone really watch Eraserhead on an airplane? How/why is this an option?
    They also have Fire Walk With Me!
  7. Meal #1 Non-veg dinner option
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    Mutton and rice with cashews and stuff. Satisfied my airline boredom.
  8. Dubai airport at 1:00AM
    Surprisingly happening. Lots of "hurry up and wait." I'm in my fourth line in the past 30 minutes.
  9. Meal #2 grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli
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    The potatoes were really creamy and nice. Appreciated the piece of chocolate amongst the cheese and butter.
  10. Elbow skills of 11 year old next to me are amazing.
    The armrest is entirely his now
  11. The latest Fast and Furious movie put me right to sleep
    My body and mind are confused as to what the actual time is now. Noon? Two AM?
  12. Having to crawl over two people to get to the bathroom has always seemed unnecessarily cruel to everyone involved.
  13. Meal #3 Late night snack: "pizza"
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    More like an oblong bagel bite
  14. Layer of clouds look infinitely more comfortable than my seat
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  15. I can see another plane flying in the distance! Cool!
  16. I could've packed better snack options than only candy.
  17. Meal #4 Breakfast: Cheese and mushroom omelette, croquettes and creamy spinach
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    Fine. I've got nothing better to do at this point. The provided orange juice was Tang-like.
  18. Landed!
    Everybody grab all their things then stand in the aisle for ages! We are all cranky, stiff and have to pee.
  19. Dulles, even I hate these Star Wars bus things.
    And I love all that cheesy future stuff. I watched Tomorrowland on Te flight and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even if it was a bit Ayn Rand.
  20. It's good to be home.