Yesterday was my wedding anniversary
  1. You hate when they catch your cold
    Because as you're still recovering you have to take care of them. I wish he'd bring home the cold first.
  2. Punishment is merit based
    At least it feels like it, I'm good at cooking so I have to cook, he's good at folding clothes so he does the laundry
  3. You can let them get you a sub
    He knows what I like, I know what he likes. We don't have to ask anymore
  4. Going through movies to rent or watch on Netflix takes 4x longer
    I wish there was a roulette button
  5. My back is cleaner
    I call him in when I'm taking a shower to scrub my back with the loofah, I do the same for him...
  6. But you learn taking showers together takes longer and can be slippery and dangerous when your shower is too small
  7. You'll end up reading magazines that aren't for your demographic
    Sometimes I'll read his Men's Health (their sex tips are ridiculous btw) and he's read a few Real Simple mags
  8. You run out of stuff to talk about
    But just being together quietly is perfect and sweet