24 hours of my life

  1. I started a digital painting of the cover of BHG magazine while watching Nacho Libre
  2. I played around on the lathe and made this thing which I'll figure out a use for at a later date
    Yes that's a Nacho Libre Kokeshi doll, I'm inspired by Nacho in so many ways
  3. I completed the peonies I started earlier
  4. I started my period
  5. I started watching the Do Over on Netflicks and it's so fucking terrible that I got angry and then...
  6. I had to watch Bob Ross to calm down and go the fuck to sleep
  7. I dreamt I was a spy, I was on a bus that was also a train, like Snow Piercer but on the road and not in snow. ISIS kids with X-men type abilities were specifically after me. I was shot at but the glass was bullet proof 😰 Roger from Mad Men was the president, I had to protect him, he fell in love with me, I found a hidden camera in a violin
  8. Started work on another painting from a magazine photo
  9. Continued having my period while watching BeWitched and then I Dream of Genie