Every 4th photo on my camera roll

The 10 most recent
  1. I made this in Procreate (app) this morning because Trump is Francis
  2. I just ordered A Cool Million, I'm excited to read it
  3. Memes are my life, baby boomers like talking smack
  4. I got the official Bobs Burgers coloring book but I didn't want to ruin my favorite page so I took a photo and I'm coloring it on my ipad
  5. I was trying to photo my grey hair
  6. Driving from Montreal to Vermont is surprisingly flat! The Canadians just gave up when they got to the mountains I guess.
  7. We are going to miss the EPA
  8. This is a church in Montreal, I forgot the name as I can't retain French words apparently
  9. Some sort of sewage thing in Montreal
  10. And this holographic woman thing was out of order at the museum and it made me think of Back to the Future II