my entire life I've tried rebelling, I think it's my way of reminding myself I'm alive, I'm an individual, and I have to make choices. Part of the existential vein that flows through my life.
  1. I spend my days making art
  2. I love myself
    In a world of self-help books, fashion magazines, helicopter parents, $80 face creams, and Photoshopping, I show my dimpled thighs when it's hot out, I'll go out without makeup or with makeup depending on my mood, I forgive my mistakes, and cheer myself on when I'm doing well. I'm not for anyone else to look at, no one can live in my head, no one can take away my skills, my personality, or my joy, I'm living for me. Dat belly tho 🔥
  3. I went to college for what I loved
    My family pressured me to go for engineering but since I was responsible for the cost of my education I chose Philosophy, maybe it chose me.
  4. I chose to not have children.
  5. I ate Ruffles for breakfast today.
  6. I sung in a punk rock band for years.
    I yelled, carried heavy equipment, I said bad words, slept in a van
  7. I've died my hair magenta
    To hell with your standards of beauty
  8. I punched a man in the mouth
    He called me a "cunt" first.
  9. I refuse to be pandered to
    She's got to earn my vote just like any man
  10. I'd rather change expectations than meet them