Life is hard

thank goodness for as-seen-on-tv products for letting us know the truth
  1. You have to pull the poops from the toilet, bare handed
  2. $10 worth of Cheetos, ruined!
  3. Microwave = lava hands
  4. Kids! Right?
  5. No nails, no problem..... Not!!
  6. Towels hurt!
  7. Pillows are the worst! Why do they have to be so difficult?
  8. You have too many chairs.
  9. Cakes are too small for birthdays.
  10. Ketchup sandwiches like white shirts.
  11. This koozie is a life ruiner!
  12. Tupperware ugh!
  13. Lids! Such a hassle!
  14. The ultimate test of patience.