Random thoughts

Hold on tight
  1. Izze sparkling water beverage is so gross
  2. I hope Timeless is renewed, it's my favorite show
  3. What should I embroider next?
  4. If there was a beginning to the universe, and it's expanding, what is it expanding into, what was before the universe?
  5. Robots will replace us
    If we no longer need to produce or serve, I can't even imagine the amazing and stupid things we will do with our time.
  6. My god, I'm glad I have no children!
  7. I really like Superstore and Ben Feldman has incredible hair!
  8. I don't know if I say "like" or "so" or "um" a lot but I have been told I say "alright" a lot
    I think "alright" for me signifies a change in what I'm doing like "okay now, I'm going to stop binging on tictacs and wash the dishes now"
  9. I hope soon Siri will be capable of philosophical conversations
  10. Oh and we should be able to program Siri's personality, sometimes he's just too much with the jokes
  11. I still think an owl would be better
  12. Mmm I want poutine
  13. I wonder if I've ever had the best anything ever. When we say "that's the best soup ever!" How will we know that's really the best soup ever?
  14. I guess the point of life if to try to experience the best ________ ever.
    Another list for the future, my list for things I hope to experience the best one ever of
  15. I'm such a slackers.