The last 24 hours

  1. I finished my digital painting
    I'm really pleased with it
  2. Did a quick landscape
    I've picked it apart so I'm just kinda meh about it
  3. I tried to feed a turkey a cookie, he wasn't having any part of me
  4. I saw this flower and I need to know what it is
  5. I grilled Sabretts hotdogs
    I can't figure out how to spell it but it's the only kind I like
  6. I got ready to go out to dinner, I have to be in "bosses wife" mode which means no shit flip flops and watch the fucking language
    Me, say bad words, never! I'm a classy grown up lady 😉
  7. While soaking in the bath I started slipping into some existential thoughts about aging, choices, impermanence
  8. Then I watched some skateboarding videos and felt better because we just need to find things we like and make the best of this journey around the sun.