I want a more minimalist life, I need serenity and I have little
  1. At least 90% of the photos in my camera roll
    I have probably 200 photos of nothing discernible
  2. Books I've read and won't reread or books I won't read
    I need room for books I'll actually read
  3. Saved articles in Facebook and flip board
    It reminds me of the procrastinator that I am
  4. Caffeine, massive quantities of sodium, and candy
    I eat so much garbage!!! Why do I treat my body as a shit processing plant?
  5. My entire shitty wardrobe
    What kind of garbage person owns this closet?
  6. Pillows
    I have 7 couch pillows, 8 bed pillows, 6 spare pillows for the guest room, and 5 old pillows in the basement that didn't make it to the trash. Who needs 26 pillows for two people? What's wrong with me?
  7. "Beauty" products
    One year I spent $2,600 at Ulta! Shout out to mint.com for showing me what an asshole I am. I need to cancel birchbox, and I regularly donate reusable shopping bags full of the hotel soaps my husband collects and drop them off at the homeless shelter. I still haven't found a good conditioner or anti-frizz product. I need to accept my crap hair and buy a gallon of White Rain and get on with my life.