Things Stitchfix sent me

I love stitchfix ❤️ these were all the items sent in 3 separate fixes
  1. Super comfy shorts
    They are so light! Perfect for summer. I kept these
  2. An awesome print but..
    It looked like a tent on me :(. Sent back
  3. A dress with looked good
    But it wouldn't fit my hips
  4. Tank tap with beaded trim
    It was hard to pay $58 for a tank top but it looks dressier in person and I need dressier in my life. Kept
  5. It looks so cute
    But it looked terrible on me. Sent back
  6. Kimono top
    Looks great in person, it's super light. Kept!
  7. May favorite skirt ever!
    Definitely kept it
  8. Short dress
    It's cute but my legs aren't, it took a lot of courage to keep it but since I got 25% off everything in this box if I kept the whole box it worked out to costing I think $18 to keep it
  9. Cute lace detailed top
    Hell yes I kept it
  10. Three layer tassel necklace
    Perfect with the blue dress above
  11. Really comfortable pants
    These are like crazy comfy
  12. Sandals
    Also very comfortable
  13. My favorite shirt
    The colors are super vibrant in person
  14. Jean jacket
    If never pick on out for myself but it's actually really great, it's lightweight and it goes great with the following dress
  15. Very flattering dress
    I feel super tall and slim in this dress, i wNt it in every color