Inspired by @mnc1971
  1. Anytime I'm alone
    I thrive in solitude
  2. In the woods
    One day I'm going to go Thoreau on everyone
  3. Painting, coloring, sculpting, wood working
    Basically anything that involves working with my hands and a bit of creativity, it pisses people off that I'm good at these things, I'm sorry. I just haven't lost my inner child.
  4. Taking multiple choice tests
    I was the person who never studied by graduated at the top of my class in college and grad school
  5. I'm also really good at writing papers
    I basically had the whole school thing in the bag
  6. Playing side scrolling Mario games
  7. Hanging out with toddlers
    Seriously on the same wave length
  8. Cooking
    I've been told my salsa, chili, paprikas, and burgers were the "best I've ever had" by multiple people