As the world's foremost expert on everyday indulgences I've got this
  1. Strawberry seltzer, it tastes like candy but it's just lightly flavored tickly water so I feel good about drinking it and I feel fancy if I put it in a nice glass
  2. Nice drinking glasses
  3. Having a day of reading
  4. Soaking in Epsom and eucalyptus scented bubbles
  5. Fuzzy lounge wear
  6. Fuzzy lounge wear against freshly shaved legs
  7. Cuddling
  8. The smell of freshly cut sweet grass
  9. Puppy kisses
  10. Sunny cool breezy days
  11. Fresh snow
  12. Freshly laundered bedding
  13. Autumn
  14. The first day that it feels acceptable to watch Elf and listen to the Temptations holiday album
  15. Toasted coconut
  16. The swirl on the top of a just opened tub of butter
  17. Going to the movies alone
  18. Binge watching the Office with my husband
  19. Dwight Schrute
  20. Finding the perfect song for the mood, weather, activity AND season ❤️
  21. Relaxing after grocery shopping with a new magazine, preferably Real Simple
  22. Funky car wash lighting
  23. Nuts, olives, cheese
  24. Getting a stitchfix or birchbox in the mail
  25. The smell of my conditioner
  26. Getting the best parking spot
  27. A steak with no gristle
  28. Roasted brussel sprouts
  29. A good book on a long plane ride
  30. My tempurpedic