These points are based on actual events
  1. I woke up and felt "I need to get the fuck outta my house"
    My husband just left for work and I needed to listen to my podcasts on the car stereo
  2. I ate a Chick fila egg bacon cheese biscuit
    Because this is NH and most drive thru sucks
  3. I was driving through downtown and they were doing road work
    Can't you do this at night you stupid ducking idiots (I'm pmsing which means road rage x 47 )
  4. I jumped on the highway until exit 1
    Because I don't want to go to MA because I don't know what Massholes call people from NH
  5. I ended up at Barnes and Nobles
  6. I bought a book of origami paper
  7. And I looked online for patterns
  8. The first one that I thought looked impressive was a butterfly
  9. I made it relatively easily
  10. But it has a vagina that was unintended
  11. Static
  12. See!
  13. It's okay but now I feel like I have to make a penis
  14. And I'm defiant so I don't wanna!