Tom Hiddleston is in so many gifs

He's really in a lot of gifs, let's look into this
  1. Maybe it's his moves
  2. He calls this one "snake hips"
  3. He really likes dancing
  4. He's good with puppets
  5. And muppets
  6. I think there's some weird manimal fan fiction furry shit that probably explains the popularity of this
  7. And he's fulling someone's little tea pot fetish
  8. He knows how weird his fan girls are, I'm mean have you even seen the stuff people do on tumblr?
  9. I don't even want to know
  10. Really people, he's a sophisticated man
  11. He has feelings too
  12. And surrounds himself with other gentlemen
  13. Or maybe it's all a big act
  14. And he's really a goofy spazz
  15. He doesn't seem to ever stop
  16. Settle down now
  17. It's fine really, you're fun
  18. No it's cool
  19. Well, there it is
  20. No you're not