I self-diagnosed myself having this since 1988, it started with summer camp. I was officially diagnosed last summer. Zoloft takes the edge off but it's still here. I hope more research is done so that there are more complete treatment methods.
  1. Right before your period when you feel like crying and then angry and then crazy
  2. Super restless but really tired
  3. It's hard AF to fall asleep and you hate the birds singing by your window at 5 AM
  4. You're constantly apologizing because you're pretty sure you're acting like a negative butt head to everyone
  5. Nostalgic for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...
    It can't come soon enough
  6. You mark calendar days with temp averages and daylight hours.
    Sept. 25 is my special day I look forward to
  7. Melted snow and green buds strike terror into your core
  8. Strawberries can trigger panic
  9. Pumpkins are magestic
  10. You can't wait until kids go back to school
  11. And fall tv shows start
  12. You wonder why the fuck people are smiling when it's warm and sunny
  13. How can they be out there walking and sweating?
  14. Sweat can trigger panic attacks
  15. Or rage attacks
  16. You just can't
  17. And sometimes you want everyone to go away so you can cry alone