When I'm left alone...

  1. I'll eat nothing but almonds, cheese, and olives for breakfast lunch and dinner
  2. I watch things like "Ceiling Fan", "serene universe" and "falling waters" on Amazon Prime with my noise cancelling headphones on so that I don't have to hear the dog licking her feet
  3. I walk around Target and ultimately end up buying one of three things which I suppose I'll make another list for
  4. I change my clothes too often, my choices are based on incremental changes in temperature
  5. I surround myself in books and art supplies
  6. I sing advertising jingles
  7. Now I apparently make more lists
  8. I'll try reading intellectual nonfiction books about science, cultural anthropology, philosophy, and historical biographies but I usually fall asleep a few pages in. How did I even graduate with a Philosophy degree? What happened to me?
  9. I doodle a lot
  10. I write prose poems that are usually seasonal in nature