Why I'm a feminist despite it being a dirty word

I don't subscribe to any "school" or "wave" of feminism, these are just part of my own feminist philosophy
  1. No gender of person should be discriminated against.
    I believe, besides our bodies and the hormones they produce causing certain emotional states to different degrees, gender norms are learned and they are cultural.
  2. Culturally associated gender traits (male, female and everything in between) are judged as positive or negative based which gender is showing those traits
    For example men that are sensitive are pussies, women who take command are bitchy
  3. There's less representation in the media of certain genders or races of people performing certain jobs
    Which came first the chicken or the egg? In this case it's because in society we expect male engineers and female nurses, but movies and tv change help shape reality, it can inspire men to be kindergarten teachers and women to be engineers.
  4. Men should be allowed to show the full range of emotions
    Don't tell your boys that (men don't cry, or to "man up")
  5. Girls should be encouraged to get dirty, play as hard as they'd like, take things apart to put them back together...
  6. There needs to be more assistance in the world so that historically disadvantaged people can fill different roles, so that the jump in SES can be bridged
    Job training for young single moms, mentoring disadvantaged children and showing them people like them in different positions. Hispanic teachers, black cardiologists, female astrophysics etc. if you never knew someone that owned a car dealership or was a lawyer, you might never know that's a thing you can do.
  7. There are many people who become very defensive by the existence of feminism because they believe by giving others the same respect they have that somehow they are losing something.
    Childhoods being ruined because Ghostbusters can now be women for example
  8. There's so much commodification of the female body especially the black female body
    Music videos, strip clubs, commercials, movies, tv, breasturants...
  9. I hear endlessly about date rape, sexual harassment, and domestic abuse
    It's too prevalent, way too prevalent
  10. There's too much victim-blaming
    What she was wearing vs his swim times
  11. I'm 33 years old and just one month ago I decided I don't need my looks to be appreciated, appropriate, or approved of
    I can go out without make up with my cellulite showing and fuck everyone who has a problem with that, I don't exist in public to be ascetically pleasing and I spent my whole life thinking I did need to, that's just sad
  12. I've been talked over, my input ignored yet appreciated when a male made the same remarks, I've been paid less for the same work, I've been criticized more often for what I wore, so on
    I worked with all men at my last job and for some reason it always defaulted to me to buy coffee filters or clean things.
  13. The brunt of the weight of parenting defaults to the woman
    Though my husband would be a great father I know if we had kids everyone would expect that I was to do the care taking
  14. I'll add more soon, there is more, I promise