1. Likes, ❤️, follows, and 🔃end up effecting me
    For example I painted something and I felt amazing about it but only garnered 4 likes, maybe I posted it at a bad time but still I start second guessing my work.
  2. Sometimes I'll do something because I want to post about it but I didn't really want to
    Like it or not it does seem to alter my behaviors
  3. I feel less connected with my environment and the people and things around me
    I could be talking to my husband or calling my mom or playing with my dog
  4. There will always be someone that rubs you the wrong way
    Maybe a sarcastic comment, depressing posts, or annoying game invites
  5. The hostility over politics on Facebook
    I think Facebook shapes how we interact with others, we being arguing there and it doesn't stop in real life
  6. Granted there are some good things
    But I need to cut WAAAYYYY back