1. dusk at a cracker barrel in mansfield, ohio- halfway between columbus and kent. they don't serve breakfast all day anymore so I got a very very beige plate of chicken and dumplings. did not feel the charm. there is not much happening in mansfield
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  2. maddie was trying to buy $90 of stuff from walmart when there was nothing on her card and olivia's two broken elbows were almost healed
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  3. backed up into a pole in an empty parking lot at work and cried for no reason
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  4. when dad took me to the indianapolis museum of art for my birthday and it was almost pemberly. I like when dad takes me to art museums bc he knows I like them but he really doesn't get it but it's nice
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  5. this was my dog when she got eye surgery. she died and i loved her a lot and I bummed myself out
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