A general ➕Li.st for women to add to: What did your dad do RIGHT when raising you, his daughter?

This is a big deal for me. Something I worry about probably way more than I should or need to. She's 11.
  1. I try to tell her I love her and am proud of her every chance I get.
    What did your dad do that he got right?
  2. My dad took me to vote with him starting at the age of 5.
    I am hugely political now. He let me form my own political opinions too. He didn't do this with my sisters and they are apathetic voters at best.
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  3. He never tried to turn me away from the things that I love that are "traditionally" "boy" things, like Star Wars and Star Trek.
    That's about it.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  4. Forged a common connection
    It seems so silly and basic, but finding a common interest does wonders for parents and kids during difficult times. My dad and I have very similar tastes in music and horror movies (still do, at ages 34 and 60!). We would leave my brother and mama behind to go see a movie or drive around & listen to music. It's nice to have an element that's exclusive to just your 1 on 1 relationship.
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  5. He made sure I knew he loved me no matter what
    I made some huge mistakes as a kid. He was always there afterwards, ready to help me piece things back together. He could be angry and disappointed in me, but I still knew he loved me and wouldn't turn away from me. This has carried over into my parenting. When I'm upset with my son, I will always start and end an ass chewing with "I love you" and I make sure whatever course of action I take is based in love.
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  6. My dad never treated me anything different because I was a "girl" and an only child. I had no forms of restriction that a lot of my female friends had, growing up in a patriarchal society like India.
    Suggested by   @shainadesai
  7. He consistently made sure to tell me he loved me, that he would always love me, and that he loved me no matter what. He also always told me that no matter the hour, I could call him and he would pick me up, no questions asked. I didn't use that one until I was 24.
    Suggested by   @libedon
  8. My dad did EVERYTHING right but specifically at the age of 11 he read me books about female protagonists like it was really normal, and he always took my side when the teachers said I was "disruptive" for defending myself against bullies.
    Also, he encouraged me to look stuff up on my own instead of asking him for everything and sometimes he let me go to school late because we would go to our local diner for breakfast!
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  9. (Some great books that my dad shared with 11-year-old me!)
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  10. My dad took me to school almost every morning.
    He worked hard for our family and made sure o spend that extra time with just me. I had a lot of anxiety about going to school in first grade so he would take me on little "vacations," taking the back roads and longer routes to help me calm down and ease my mind. I'll never forget that.
    Suggested by   @libedon
  11. My dad worked so hard we didn't see him often. We know he did it for us. He paid every penny of my undergrad even though I went to his rival school and he had to make my mom write the checks.
    Now, I only have minor student loan debt from my masters' degree. I feel guilty when I hear how much my friends are still paying for undergrad. I can never thank him enough for helping me see the value of education, remind me to stay humble, and instilling curiosity. Without his goofy ways, I wouldn't have the humor to handle life!
    Suggested by   @lyssjo
  12. He made sure I knew how to stand up for myself- with peers & adults. I knew how to use my words first and fight second.
    He also made sure I knew that no one was permitted to touch my body without permission- even him. Consent was required. He asked for hugs, he asked if I wanted a band-aid applied. He made my pediatrician ask first before a routine check up. He told me blue balls was meaningless and not to ever believe I was obligated to do anything just because a boy wanted me to. He was ahead of his time.
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