Inspired by... Well, lots now.
  1. This is me:
    I'm Matt.
  2. I'm divorced and have a great relationship with my Ex.
    We talk more now than when we were married.
  3. I'm the father to a Tween girl
    and love it. Give me Teens & Tweens over younger kids any day. Any. Day.
  4. I saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977.
    "A New Hope" will always be "Star Wars" to me. I love it all. Even Jar Jar. Even The Holiday Special...
  5. I'm 44 and still try to use The Force about once a week.
  6. I grew up in Chanhassen, Minnesota, 2 miles from Paisley Park.
    I ran into Prince twice in convenience stores. I'm sad he's gone.
  7. I was once chased by an angry moose.
  8. I have traveled to 20 countries...
  9. including East Germany, when it existed.
    I have a vivid memory of driving down the East German autobahn next to a convoy of Soviet made nuclear missiles. Because we were Americans traveling NOT as part of a sanctioned tour, the Stasi - Secret Police - had files on my family. I was 14.
  10. I once fell asleep at a Fishbone concert.
    I was tired.
  11. I have had multiple sclerosis for 10 years.
  12. I used to be a professional actor.
    My one film was "Beautiful Girls," with a bunch of people, including a very young Natalie Portman. All my lines were cut, but I got paid. I still get occasional residuals. My last check was for 17 cents.
  13. I was also a Registered Nurse.
    Cardiovascular ICU -> Trauma/Neuro ICU -> flight nursing -> instructing & running the Critical Care Nursing Fellowship at a Level I trauma center -> coordinating the Multiple Sclerosis clinic at the U of MN.
  14. My dad was a Lutheran Pastor.
    He bought me my first condoms.
  15. My mom, an RN, taught me the facts of life when I was 6 and asked her where babies came from.
    Not only did I enter first grade knowing exactly where and how they got there, but also with a working knowledge of basic genetics.
  16. I never believed in Santa Claus.
    At age four, when adults asked me, my parents taught me to say, "Bah, humbug!"
  17. I was a late bloomer and lost my virginity at 19.
    Once I did, I really regretted not doing it earlier. Still do.
  18. But I was clueless in high school.
    I had zero idea girls were hitting on me. Not even when we were skinny dipping and they'd hug me tightly asking if I could warm them up.
  19. On the other hand, I was a huge flirt
    and started acting because girls REALLY liked guys on stage.
  20. I am still a huge flirt.
  21. Because of my acting, I am two degrees from Kevin Bacon.