WARNING: this is a self-pity list.
  1. This is me
  2. Also me
  3. And
  4. Static
    Oops! Don't know how that slipped in... 😳
  5. I used to be an actor. Also a flight RN.
  6. As well as a huge flirt.
  7. Oh... And a triathlete.
  8. While obviously not Brad Pitt (or whichever celeb is every girl's hall pass these days),
    I have it on decent authority I'm not unattractive. Besides, give me an acting/speaking gig, or put me in a flight uniform and I did fine.
  9. But then I got MS
  10. I went from being 6'1" standing to Idunno feet on a mobility scooter.
  11. If I do have a good day and can walk, it's with a walker.
  12. Because of all this, I'm on social security and Medicare. I am essentially unemployable.
  13. I can't drive.
  14. My ability to have the social life of a 9-to-5er is non-existent.
  15. Decreased mobility means increased weight (25 pounds).
    Although, I am working to change that best I can.
  16. I essentially believe I'll die alone. (Well, not including family.)
    Because, let's face it: no girl dreams of a future with an unemployed, disabled husband. Hell, my wife didn't - that's why she's "Ex".
  17. Women look right through me now.
    When I give genuine compliments, they always smile and say thanks, but their eyes say "poor guy."
  18. And while I miss sex (a lot)...
  19. What I miss more is touch and intimacy.
    Falling asleep with a woman in my arms, smelling her hair, and sharing that quiet morning coffee.
  20. Giphy
    Told you it was a self-pity list.