I love music. All music. Suggestions welcome!
  1. Static
    Perfect dance beats to get me out of bed this morning!
  2. Static
    Continuing the inspiration.
  3. Static
    Honestly, I always need more Journey in my life. Though, Lights feels more like an end-of-day song to me. Kind of a come down after the first two.
  4. Static
    As much as I love Weird Al, this is a song that is sadly dated.
  5. Static
    First heard on The Current. There's something addictive about this one. Besides, how many songs do you know that mention Rachel Dratch?
  6. Static
    Janet. A fave of mine in high school.
  7. Static
    Now this Weird Al song, I really like. I think it really shows his lyrical talent.
  8. Static
    Personally, I think this cover's better than The Velvet Underground's original. (Though the original is very worth having.)
  9. Static
    Though feminist me hates the very term "Walk of Shame," I understand why Pink wrote this. And it's a good song.
  10. Static
    Song forgotten years ago. Now my current earworm. Thanks, Deadpool.