1. I have a 26 year old daughter I've never met
    A college "oops". I purposely did not want to be involved since I didn't want to cause confusion. I paid child support until her dad adopted her. I have always said I'll be happy to meet her should she choose to.
  2. My former fiancée tried to murder me
    Strangulation. I thought it best to break up after that.
  3. I once had sex at a party in front of an encouraging crowd
    Yup. In the middle of the room with everyone cheering. By far - BY FAR - the girls were the loudest and wanted the most graphic action. The guys were docile by comparison.
  4. Along those lines, as a theatre major, we had monthly nude parties in college.
    Believe it or not, there was no sex at these parties. The goal was for us actors to be comfortable with our bodies.