Random thoughts about past lovers

Not a comprehensive list
  1. The First
    Unintended. We were naked and making out. It just happened.
  2. The Available
    The biggest rack I've ever seen on the smallest girl I've been with. We were in college.
  3. The Foreigner
    Wet is an understatement.
  4. The Threesome
    One of whom was my roommate's girlfriend. Roommate was not involved.
  5. The Roommate
    Not the same roommate as above. In a house with me, another guy, and three girls, we got drunk. One of the girls and I paired off. We made it clear to each other that we were not interested. Next thing I remember was us waking up naked, hungover, and plenty of evidence that horny trumps interest.
  6. The Actor
    Fellow cast member. After her boyfriend dumped her, I was a willing rebound. Very enthusiastic and limber.
  7. The Ex-wife
    Second date sex. The bedside lamp may or may not have been broken in the act.
  8. The sub
    Much BDSM.
  9. The Hoover
    Down to give blowjobs anywhere. Literally anywhere.
  10. The Virgin
    Very conservative household. Said "fuck it" in college.
  11. The Taken
    She was married. I was not.