Ex-wife of three years, that is. We have a very amicable relationship. We loved each other once, but the relationship just naturally ended. We're both better for it.
  1. She's the strongest person I know
    What she's overcome would either curl your toenails or straighten your pubes. Your choice.
  2. She's a great mom
    Not only with our daughter, but with her step kids.
  3. She has an awesome husband
    who's a good man. God knows I wasn't a peach. He and I get along well.
  4. She's very caring and adaptable
    We both still work together well to plan life events and are willing to be flexible for each other.
  5. She put up with me longer than I would have
    We talk more and are better parents and friends now that we don't have to deal with each other full time.