I have been pretty down the past month. My MS is progressing. And while expected, since the exact course can't be predicted, it's very angering. I've contemplated a nursing home, I'm getting a powered wheelchair, I'm giving up my driver's license... BUT I feel better today. Here's why:
  1. I got my infusions yesterday
    Every month, I get two IV meds. One, Tysabri, I don't feel the effects of. The other, steroids, I really do. I get a dose of Solumedrol equivalent to God's lightning bolt. When you get sick, your doctor may prescribe steroids. You get a 25 or 50 mg dose tapered down over about a week. Me? For MS? I get 1000 mg all at once. If that won't lift your mood, nothing will.
  2. I was approved for a new apartment
    Assisted living and nursing homes have long waiting lists. And I am also more independent than that, but I saw no other option. But I found a great handicapped apartment. Because it's designed specifically for a powered wheelchair, I get a lot of independence back! I don't need to fear tight areas that may lead to falls. Plus, they're updating it just for me.
  3. I slept great
    However, tonight will be tough. Nights two and three after steroids are hell, but for now I feel great!