Inspired by @IveGottaTellMel. Lessee...
  1. Star Wars
    I may be 44, but I'm a Fanboy. I don't know it all, but I know helluva lot.
  2. Medical stuff
    To quote @IveGottaTellMel, my jobby-job before disability.
  3. Parenthood
    I am NO expert, but I can be helpful. My expertise at the moment is Tween girls.
  4. Adoption
    Said Tween was adopted from China 12 years ago. Best (and most stressful) experience ever!
  5. Amicable divorce
    My Ex (and her husband) are friends. How'd we do it? Honestly? Love.
  6. Sex positivity
    My daughter WILL NOT live in a world where she has no autonomy in this area.
  7. MS
    I got it and hate it, but knowledge is power.