She's 11. I can't wait for the exasperated "Daaaaaaaaad! 🙄" She's been warned.
  1. I will never comment on body changes. Buying tampons and bras should NEVER be embarrassing.
    I will totally sing popular songs off key in front of her friends.
  2. I will never not be sex & sexuality positive. Her maturity level isn't there yet, but when the time comes, she knows I will provide a safe space and the resources needed for her consensual first time. She also knows I love her no matter what her gender or orientation. ("Coming out" should not need to be a thing.)
    I will, however, tell Dad Jokes until the day I die.
  3. I will never say "that's for boys." Clothes, activities... All gender-neutral in our minds.
    I will always yell encouragement in public in an effort to embarrass her. Concerts, sporting events, with groups of friends...