lol I will be single forever
  1. Christian
  2. Left Minded
    Conscious of sexism and racism and his own privilege ... must despise trump
  3. Passionate about something
    Job, project.... has some kind of purpose he works for
  4. Values marriage
    No sex til marriage etc
  5. Gentle and kind
  6. Easy going
    Puts me at ease
  7. Good at fighting
    Doesn't get ugly
  8. Wants to foster kids
    And is a kid person
  9. Or is cool with no kids at all
    Idk yet
  10. Is not threatened by strong women
    Thinks my achievements are awesome
  11. Likes traveling
  12. Independent
    Don't be all up in my grill all the time
  13. Physically affectionate
  14. Can cook?
    Bonus points
  15. sense of humor
    Doesn't have to be mean to be funny