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Yeah, so.. I'm a Harry Potter fan and I'm sorry for what's about to happen.
  1. So this Gollum homie who looks kind of like a house elf whose been hanging out with Voldemort's friends for too long emerges from his cavernous dwelling pissed because he lost a ring and when he whispers "my precious" it almost could sound like drunk parseltongue
  2. I think the premise is that this one ring does essentially what all three pieces of the Deathly Hallows do together, so that's one thing Tolkien might've done better than Rowling.. 1>3. Power is more easily attained.
  3. There's a volcano or something they want to destroy the ring in.... Fuck yeah, fire.
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My iPhone's photos are 80% pictures of animals that don't belong to me, and 20% screenshots of useless shiz from the intraweb. Happy stalking.
  1. Not my dog.
  2. Still not my dog.
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(basically what I currently want but cannot have due to the following: a year left in undergrad as an english major, dieting, and a cuddle-resistant pet cat.)
  1. Reading what I want.
    This includes Stephen King because whooooo cares if he writes formulaic fiction?! Not me. Keep your Faulkner, give me King.
  2. Not having to respond to what I read with 8-10 pages of me pretending to be smart with lots of "therefore," "thus," and "notably" thrown in.
    Words are hard, people. Lit theories are harder.
  3. Strawberry ice cream.
  4. & cuddles.
    But really, why does my cat hate me...