I'm dedicating my first list to a very important lady 😻
  1. To tell her about my day
    This one is obvious but it needed to be mentioned
  2. To pass the time
    I literally walk a mile back to my car after work. When you get off of work at 1:00pm, the only logical person to call is your mom
  3. To talk about my sister's secret boyfriend
    Literally no one knew. We were special enough to find out via Facebook 👍🏽
  4. To let her tell me about the crazy things my grandparents do
    When a conversation starts with, your grandmother called to tell me about her medical emergency even though she could have gotten help in the nursing home where she lives, you know it's going to be a good time
  5. To talk about the things she wants my dad to do around the house
    The other day she told me she had a crazy idea that she hoped wouldn't make my dad's hair stand on end. Plot twist: my dad is bald
  6. To celebrate the fact that I got a practice question for my homework right.
    Update: I still haven't done my homework