"You shouldn't be embarrassed to like something" listen buddy, I find existing to be embarrassing. Let me have this one.
  1. Ode to Joy - Ludwig van Beethoven
    Not bad, but this is like saying your favorite painting is the Mona Lisa. Or that your favorite movie is Citizen Kane. "Are you an alien in disguise that got a hold of an encyclopedia? Did you get that gold disk the scientists sent?"
  2. The song that plays at the title screen of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" - Koji Kondo
    At the title, a sequence plays of adult Link riding Epona across Hyrule Field to a very melancholy song. But did you notice - Link rides all the way to the entrance of the Kokiri Forest - his childhood home - stares at it for a bit, then rides away? Fucked up. Actually made me cry one time.
  3. Smile - Charlie Chaplin
    It's a cheesy song. If you look it up on YouTube all the videos are very "grandma Facebook share"-y. Is that a bad thing? I guess not, but it's not my vibe. Jesus I'm a piece of shit. Anyway, Michael Jackson's version is trash. Or at least just not my cup of tea.
  4. Miracle Drug - U2
    Maybe I'm too young to say there was nothing cool about U2 ever, but there was definitely nothing cool about 2004 Custom iPod era U2. But yikes, the story behind this song is a tear-jerker! The human spirit is indomitable! Bono sucks!