9 Photos From the Final Fantasy Eorzea CafÉ in Akihabara

We went to the Final Fantasy XIV café in Akihabara! (I don't play FFXIV but I grew up on the Final Fantasy games.) If you're into video games, it's definitely worth a visit!
  1. Welcome to Eorzea Café
    Located in Akihabara, Tokyo
  2. Moogles!
    The cute and iconic Final Fantasy character. Kupo!
  3. Drunken Moogle
    What a lush!
  4. The Bar
    The café was decorated with Final Fantasy weapons everywhere.
  5. Stained Glass Window
    Too big to fit into one photo...
  6. Place Mat Artwork
    The place mats are actually posters you can take home as a souvenir.
  7. Potion
    For when you're feeling low on HP.
  8. Chocobo Curry
    No chocobos were harmed in the making of this curry.
  9. Moogle Pancakes
    It's like breakfast and dessert all in one.