November Omakase Course at Sushidai (Tsukiji Fish Market)

Sushidai is arguably the best-known (and most delicious) sushi shop at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Here's are some photos from their November omakase (chef's selection) course from my visit on 11/7.
  1. トロ (Fatty Tuna)
    For the first piece, you'll be presented with a jewel-like piece of fatty tuna to reward you for your long wait in line.
  2. 玉子焼き (Rolled Egg Omelette)
    Tsukiji has several tamago-yaki specialty shops, but Sushidai makes their own in-house. It's sweet and savory, hot and fluffy.
  3. タイ (Sea Bream)
    Garnished with a touch of sudachi citrus (kind of like a Japanese lime) juice and salt. Just divine.
  4. キンメダイ (Red Snapper)
    Whatever you do, don't add soy sauce! The chef has already added it for you.
  5. ウニ (Sea Urchin)
    Normally, I'm not a fan of uni, but Sushidai is one of the few places I actually enjoy it. Their uni is cold, fruity, and creamy--much better even than the uni you can get at other Tsukiji shops (I'm looking at you, Sushi Bun👿)
  6. 秋刀魚
    Saury. Garnished with fresh spring onion to perfectly balance the oily fishiness of the saury.
  7. ホッキ貝 (Surf Clam)
    The squeamish may be put off by how the chef announces, "It's alive!" as he sets it down before you. It isn't actually alive, of course, but the way they cut the clam causes it to curl up as they serve it hahaha
  8. 漬けマグロ (Lean Tuna Marinated in Soy Sauce)
    This piece was so big and thick I could barely fit it in my mouth! #TWSS
  9. 白海老 (Baby Shrimp)
    Because babies are more delicious 😈
  10. イクラ (Salmon Roe)
    Good ikura has a buttery flavor and bursts in your mouth like pop, pop, pop, pop 🎉 (I realize that isn't an actual description, but if you've had good ikura, then you know what I mean)
  11. 巻物:鉄火巻き+たらこキュウリ (Tuna Roll & Tarako Cucumber Roll)
    Tekka-maki is my favorite; tarako isn't :( I always eat the salty tarako in a hurry so I can enjoy the tekka-maki slowly~
  12. 穴子 (Saltwater Eel)
    I'm glad they serve anago here rather than unagi (freshwater eel). Freshwater eel is an endangered species, so eat anago! It's just as delicious!!!
  13. お好み1貫:牡蠣 (Fresh Oyster with Ponzu)
    For your final piece, you get one item from the menu of your choice, so I went with the fresh oyster. Just amazing! The chef said that after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, it was impossible to harvest oysters off the coast of Tohoku for a long time. But now, four years later, the oysters are excellent again~