1. 😄
    I'm happy, but ^_^ isn't acceptable in most circles
  2. I like lists. Especially checking things off.
  3. I have Fat Thumb Syndrome.
  4. 😘
    I say and do things on the Internet that I would never do in real life.
  5. I'm actually flipping you off, just in that classy English way.
  6. 👍 and 🖒
    I wasn't sure which thumbs-up direction was better to use.
  7. 🍅
    Instead of seeing countless photos of the food I eat on my Instagram, a simple tomato in my bio will tell all.
  8. 😂
    I finally found an excuse to laugh the way the cool kids on the 'Net do
  9. 😍
    I want to eat that.