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Survival food. Just in case, ya know.
  1. Okay, so it's not just in case, I actually constantly replenish this food cause I'm too lazy to walk to the kitchen to eat a snack.
  2. Apples
    B/c I can delude myself into being nutritious
  3. Milk chocolate digestives
    Plain just don't make the cut anymore
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I'd like to preface this list by acknowledging the fact that if it weren't for school, I wouldn't be abroad. Despite that, I'm also not here to go to school...
  1. As of today, I've only done one reading for one class and I didn't even finish it.
    I'm taking six classes. And we're in week five.
  2. I went on the list app for the first time since I downloaded it b/c I had nothing else at the moment to distract me (and realized again how great of an app it is/wondered why I haven't gone on it sooner).
  3. I've stopped going to one of my lectures entirely.
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