Survival food. Just in case, ya know.
  1. Okay, so it's not just in case, I actually constantly replenish this food cause I'm too lazy to walk to the kitchen to eat a snack.
  2. Apples
    B/c I can delude myself into being nutritious
  3. Milk chocolate digestives
    Plain just don't make the cut anymore
  4. Nutoka
    B/c Aldi doesn't sell Nutella? And b/c milk chocolate digestives need that extra topping spread on 'em
  5. Box of cereal
    No milk. Just cereal.
  6. Oat cakes
    This one is actually a mistake. I decided to try something other than crackers and fucked up. Oat cakes are disgusting. And dry.
  7. Lemsip
    Pour some in hot water and your cold symptoms will disappear!
  8. Breakfast bars
    I never wake up early enough to actually eat breakfast.