Working List
  1. Render Coffee
    Back Bay, most gorgeous glass seating area, taza mochas, and reliable wifi. 9/10
  2. Thinking Cup
    Good food, next door to Georgetown Cupcakes, NO WIFI
  3. Pavement Coffee
    An extension of my living room. Square Rewards program so my 10th coffee is free :D
  4. Barrington Coffee
    Small, not a lot of study space
  5. Cafe Nero
    One of the better chains in general. Food, cool decor, good wifi
  6. Newsfeed Cafe
    Mostly the BPL
  7. Haley House
    Hard to get to (Roxbury) but one of my favorite places in the city. Ethical, delicious, local art, kindest staff, and the best pumpkin spice muffin ever.