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Things I'm grateful for. A daily diary. Today: friends.
  1. Unexpected phone calls of encouragement.
  2. Laughter over shared stories.
  3. Frustrations and expectations for better.
  4. Connection.
Today I'm grateful for board members. A daily diary.
  1. People committed to helping us figure out these complicated societal challenges and put justice in place.
  2. People who have the hearts to make big commitments and brains to make big decisions.
  3. People who are curious and driven.
Things I'm grateful for. A daily diary. Hopefully. Today: nieces and nephews.
  1. My new twin nieces. 6 weeks old and amazing to see up close to watch them grow. Wow.
  2. My nephew figuring out his new reality. Curiosity towards these strange new beings is coming around.
  3. My other nephew who at seven is spirited and curious and full of heart. He comes up and hugs me, just because. Love.
  4. My three fiery, smart, strong, brilliant nieces. They range in age — 14, 12, and 9. And are taking the world by storm. Go girls, go.