1. holding up fish
    why? why are you doing this? fish smell bad. do you want me to think you smell bad?
  2. pictures with mom
    momma's boy. that is all.
  3. mirror pics
    when did the MySpace mirror aesthetic come back?? it didn't. so stop.
  4. ab pics
    you know, the ones where you hold up your shirt. if you're at a beach-- okay. if not you should stop
  5. "I hate the drama"
    that's a dramatic statement. I expect a scoff and a roll of the eyes after that statement. plus, had a man ever said "I live for the drama"?? no. no they don't. not even actors.
  6. "just chillin haha"
    say you want casual sex in conversation, not this douchey statement. you will get laid more, I promise.
  7. "Do people read these?"
    oh wow. you made a clear and condusive statement on the shallowness of tinder. you're on tinder. you're also shallow. just like me so take it down a notch plz
  8. cars
    personally I dont care about cars, but it also makes you look like a douche because it just does and you know that
  9. bank statements
    okay I've only seen this 4 or 5 times and I just want all you dumb boys to know I'm doing what I can to steal all your money you dumb little boys.