1. My mom introducing me to her pet ram.
    The ram then pinned me against a chair while my mom laughed.
  2. My mom, brother and I going to a garage sale.
    My brother spoke Spanish to the people selling things and my mom got pretty angry as to why they wouldn't let her buy a coffee machine/were speaking Spanish
  3. Some girl pinning me down on a couch and begging me to watch/feed her pet fish
  4. Infant me driving a huge red suburban
    Me, in a baby seat (like the basket with a handle), behind the wheel of an enormous car just goin for a joyride
  5. Me driving on the highway then suddenly my brakes stopped working as did my lights.
    It was night time and raining and this was the first nightmare I've had in a very long time
  6. A fire started in the house I was in
    I went back to get people out of the house/get my coat and others' coats and some fictitious bitch gave me mad shade for doing so
  7. My car exploding in my driveway
    Got lectured by my dad about that in this dream
  8. My mom beating the shit out of someone on the side of the road because they tried to go near my sister
    My mom is not a violent woman idk why my dreams make her out to be such a bad human