1. Call them: my man/girl, bro, dude, hey you Etc.
    Be careful with this one. If it's overused you could start sounding like a jersey boy/girl.
  2. Introduce other known people to them and hope they introduce themselves. "Have you met Donna? This is Donna."
    Hopefully they say their name instead of just "sup".
  3. Ask them to put their contact info into your phone because you just got the phone and still haven't figured it out.
    This one will be risky if you have a complicated phone. I won't name any names but you know who you are. Update that flip phone already. No one is impressed with your stubborn cling to the razer. it's not retro it's stupid.
  4. Ask them if they spell their name the usual way or did their parents try to be cute and ruin their lives with a unique spelling.
    Airwrecka? Really???
  5. Play the name game with them. Must have alcohol present in order to not look like a complete buffoon.
    Hanna Hanna bo banna
  6. Ask them for an autograph just in case they become famous.
    It may not work on the younger generation. Pen and paper are soooo 2010.