1. It's fun to figure out your order of preference for things
  2. They are good for figuring out things you have to do
  3. You can use the format to make jokes
  4. Not very funny jokes
  5. But still. All in good fun eh?
  6. You bunch of self important pricks
  7. People come up with great stuff to make lists of
  8. There are celebrities who, as we know, are the most important people in the world, on the app
  9. I, for one, can't fucking wait to see what the Kardashians are going to do with this, or anything.
  10. That's my favourite thing about inventions or progress or new stuff of any kind: finding out what the Kardashians will do with or make of it.
  11. You can piss off the OCD by finishing your list on a weird number.