I needed a little inspiration to write my first list on this app, so here are the last ten things I googled:
  1. "Left arm shaking"
    I may be a hypochondriac, but my arm has been vibrating for like two hours, so I sought the advice of the good doctors at Google Industries.
  2. "A&A donuts" through "Z&Z donuts"
    Technically, this accounts for 26 Google searches. However, my coworkers and I were on a mission to see if we could travel to a donut shop for every letter of the alphabet. Spoiler alert: we can't.
  3. "You say Thursday I say Friday eve"
    This was a google image search. Sometimes, you have to throw a little fun in your email responses at 6:30 on a Thursday night.
  4. "Is degrassi really canceled?"
    The answer is yes. Pour one out for my favorite teen soap opera.
  5. "How long does it take for a letter to get from Southern California to Northern California?"
    I apparently use google like it's AskJeeves or Jeopardy. (Two days, for the record.)
  6. "Is Mercury in Retrograde?"
    It sure fucking is.
  7. "Welding store Burbank"
    I've recently started solar carving (don't know what that is? You should Google it.) and needed to acquire some sweet welding goggles so I don't go flashblind. Welding stores are weird.
  8. "Trypophobia"
    A "fear of objects with irregular patterns of holes." My coworker has this fear. I do not recommend the image search associated with this word unless you want to see people get gross-creative with photoshop.
  9. "Pornhub"
    I got too lazy to write ".com"
  10. "NHL"
    Again, I'm lazy. And, though I'm not a fan of either team (Go Kings go!), I wanted to know if the Blackhawks beat the Lightning. They did. Good job, guys.